Clearance Level 2

Subject: FAQ

Where do missions take place?

We don’t want to give too much away. We can say that the Spy Skills mission starts in the Cuba Quarter, and Paranormal starts near Parliament. If you need to know the end location for planning your day, contact us.

What happens if we get stuck?

Don’t panic! We’ve got your back. If the hint system we have built into the missions doesn’t get you through, you have a dedicated Mission Controller monitoring your every move and assisting if required. This means we can make our missions a little trickier than if you were unattended.

Can we do an alcohol-free version?

Sure. For those who want a martini (shaken, not stirred) along the way, the Spy Skills version is perfect, but we can also change it up if your ages mean you’re unable to go to the pub or just aren’t into drinking. You’ll still do the whole mission but with different starting and halftime locations (we hope you like gelato!).

Alternatively, give the Paranormal mission a try. There are no hospitality locations in this mission.

Is there any prize for completing the mission in the quickest time?

No. In fact, we discourage you from rushing between tasks on the mission. We prefer you to take your time and relish the tasty tidbits of info we serve you throughout the mission. There are timers when you reach tasks, but once you solve the task there is no reason to race off to the next location. You are encouraged to take the utmost care in public places and around roads. 

You will be given a score / grade at the end of your mission, based on accuracy with answers and time taken on tasks. Top tip: take your time to read the task descriptions with care.

What ages can participate?

Urbantics agents come in all ages.

The Spy Skills mission is pram-friendly and babies make the perfect cover for clandestine activities!

In the missions, eagle-eyed school-age children can participate in most tasks. The main limitation is whether they have the stickability to be out and about for a couple of hours. Children 12 years and younger can come on the mission for free.

One of our favourite mission combinations is where multiple families join forces, and the kids compete against the adults. 

We can cater for groups of teenagers who want to do the mission parent-free. If tackling the Spy Skills mission, let us know so we can arrange alternative locations to the licensed premises.

How many people can Urbantics cater for?

While you’re welcome to do an Urbantics mission alone, that’s not really the vibe.

Couples are common on missions. It’s a great date activity!

When you have six or seven people, consider splitting into two squads.

With any more than seven, you definitely should split into multiple squads. There is a scoring system that rewards accuracy and problem-solving speed. We love drawing out the suspense when giving the scores out at the end of the mission.